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We buy Gold and Silver Coins at Skip’s Gold Exchange

When to Sell Your Silver

  • To reap the rewards of investing in gold and silver coins and bullion, collectors and investors need information on when to unload their silver coins. Essentially, the best time to sell is when prices are high. Prices for silver coins depend on the scarcity of a particular coin, its condition and the current trading price for silver. Call us we are interested in buying your gold, silver, coins and bullion right now.

Separate your silver coins and silver bullion. Silver coins are money that you can spend at the store like dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins. Even discontinued series of U.S. coins like winged liberty dimes and standing liberty quarters are still considered money. Silver bullion is silver cast for the purpose of investing in silver. American Eagle Silver Bullion is an example of this.


  • INVESTMENT: While not every coin is guaranteed to go up in value, many times they are great investments. With gold and silver at an all time high, more and more people are looking to buy safer investments; gold and silver investing is growing rapidly.


  • HOBBY:¬†Many people collect coins as a hobby much like stamp collecting or base ball cards, and many times you may end up with a rare winner.


  • HISTORY: Money dates back to the beginning of man, and speaks volumes about our history. Each coin has its own story that tells the story of history.

  • COLLECTORS: Some people are serious collectors, and collecting coins is a serious business. Every collector collects what interests them. Values can be driven by the collectors.

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