“Skip” the Advertising – WE Pay a Higher Daily Gold Price to Customers Instead” says Bauman

Sell my gold 123, Skip Bauman, Owner

W. Skip Bauman, Owner and Operator of Skip’s Gold Exchange, Butler, PA

… When you have less expenses, You can ABSOLUTELY pay more for gold, and silver than the competition! Just look at the TV … Says Skip Bauman, Owner of ┬áSkip’s Gold Exchange in Butler, PA. The competition spends A LOT of their money on (TV) advertising. I use new media- Think about it, You found us … right? We Save the huge TV ad dollars and pass the savings along to my customers. We are paying a higher daily gold price to them for their gold! Silver, Platinum, Silver Coins, Bullion, Palladium … We pay more!

Time flies when your buying gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Skip’s formula for growing his business is working! Repeat and referral business is now exceeding 45% of our business now. Word is getting around that Skip’s Gold Exchange is the place to go for the absolute highest value for your Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum. We encourage you to test us on this statement. By all means, shop – we’re confident If you make Skip’s your last stop, You’ll see we deliver on our promise to pay you the most and what your precious metal is worth.

“We know some folks are hesitant to come to a gold and silver buyer … for a lot of different reasons. Some people really need cash now- There is NO shame in that … No reason for embarrassment. Here is OUR little secret …

We do the same thing except on a bigger scale. We WANT your metals, Gold, Silver, Coins, Bullion, Platinum and Palladium and Dental Scrap. We package it with other peoples metal and sell it to people who buy large quantities of precious metals.

It’s honest business …and just between you and me at Skip’s Gold Exchange … not the dozens of employees at the big stores (with the big advertising and payroll expenses) We know this is a confidential transaction. We value your business and I certainly respect your privacy. Alright I can’t resist the line- What’s done or said at Skips … stays at Skips!” Says Bauman.

Here’s what to expect- come in sit down … show us what you would like to consider selling … we weigh it in front of you … no hanky panky- no taking it to another room or turning our back while weighing your metal. At Skip’s you deal directly with the owner Skip! We will tell you what you have, and make you an offer to pay you money on the spot. You get your money right now. It’s that Easy!

If you are uncomfortable, and have a quantity of metal you would like to bring in … please call and make an appointment, we will gladly accommodate you. Just call 1-877-399-3929.

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